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I’m Hurt But I Don’t Have Medical Insurance. How Do I Get Treatment?

I hear this question from clients all the time! 

“I went to the emergency room after the car wreck, but I didn’t get any additional medical treatment because I don’t have insurance or the money to pay for medical bills. Now I have medical bills that I can’t pay and need to settle my personal injury case quickly.” 

“A neighbor’s dog bit me but I don’t have medical insurance so I can’t see a doctor.” 

“I fell at the grocery store and have personal injuries. I made a report to the manager, but I didn’t let them call an ambulance because I don’t have medical insurance.”

Saddest part is, each and every one of these clients who have suffered personal injuries are still hurt. They have pain every single day and think there is no way to pay for medical treatment. 

Clients without medical insurance think just because they don’t have insurance, they are unable to get the medical treatment they need after being hurt in a car wreck, or bitten by a dog, or have fallen at a business. This is wrong. A Personal Injury attorney can make sure clients get the medical treatment they need with one simple letter.

medical insurance

If you find yourself injured and you don’t have medical insurance, a Personal Injury attorney can help you by giving medical providers a Letter of Protection. This letter is a guarantee that the medical provider will be paid once your case settles. This letter, from your Personal Injury attorney, will allow you to get all the medical treatment for your personal injury and not pay anything until your case settles. This letter of protection allows you to get evaluated by a medical professional and get diagnosed. You may need physical therapy, injections, x-rays, MRIs or even surgery. There are providers out there who are willing to work with Personal Injury attorneys and wait for their payment until your case settles. With the help of a Personal Injury attorney, you will have access to the medical treatment you need for your personal injury claim

Don’t trust the insurance companies. They are NOT on your side. The insurance company on the other side wants to settle quickly and will offer a low settlement dollar amount to get the case settled and finished. They won’t tell you that you are entitled to get all the medical treatment required for your personal injury claim before you settle. They also won’t tell you that once you agree to a settlement, you are no longer able to get future medical bills paid.

Some insurance companies will call you on the phone right after the personal injury and offer you money quickly to settle. Don’t do it! Don’t fall for it. Even a verbal agreement on the phone to settle can be viewed as an accepted settlement. Don’t agree to anything before you get all the needed medical treatment for your personal injury. Discuss your claim with a Personal Injury attorney first. Remember, the insurance company, even your own insurance company, is not on your side! Talk to a Personal Injury attorney before settling your personal injury claim to ensure you get all the medical treatment and money you deserve for your personal injury claim.

Don’t settle your personal injury claim too quickly. Get evaluated by a medical provider and get all the medical treatment recommended for your personal injury before you settle. Once you agree to settle, even if it is a verbal agreement over the phone, your case is finished. You are not able to get any additional money for any future medical treatment you may need for your personal injury. 

Not having medical insurance should NEVER be a reason why a person who has a personal injury does not get medical treatment. A Personal Injury attorney can always assist you with getting the medical treatment you need. The most important part of every personal injury claim is getting all the medical treatment you need and with a letter of protection you can have access to the medical care your personal injury requires.

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